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The world is speeding up exponentially, but humans can’t keep up. We struggle with the abundance of modern life. So much choice, always on. Competing with your own expectations, which are based on other people’s social media personas. The increase of stressed, fried-minds isn’t ‘just another issue’. It is THE issue. A universal experience, no matter your background, race, gender or profession.

That’s why in 2018 we launched Getahead Festival, a not-for-profit with a 25 year plan to positively impact a billion people. Over 1000 people attended our first 24 hour celebration of life, from 6am–6am. It featured world class speakers, practical productivity workshops, epic sweat sessions & an all-night disco dance.

We focus on what brings us together, helping each other “get ahead”. A positive community focus on a highly personal challenge. Tackling stress, overwhelm or mental health? Want more balance, but to still go for your goals? Want to have a laugh and a dance? We can help.

Festival Speaker


Our mission is to help a billion people positively impact their lives in the next 25 years. We’ll do this by sharing openly, building a community & leveraging technology. We are creating a 24 hour festival blueprint which can be franchised in other cities all over the world.
Omeara London


Join us by day & night on Friday June 14th 2019. We’ll be back in the amazing multi-space Omeara near London Bridge PLUS another incredible location – to be announced! View a full map

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