Victoria is a Healthcare assistant for the Children and Adolescent eating disorders’ inpatient services in London. Her job role consists in working closely with the doctors and psychologists as well as families in applying treatments and care plans to the young people who are admitted in the ward due to having engaged in dangerous eating behaviours, and as a result having physical health issues. In inpatient services, the aim is to reconciliate the young people admitted with food, helping them and their families to engage in their care plan through defining small goals each week, and encouraging them to reach a healthy weigh and stable physical health before being discharged.

Previous to working in eating disorders, Victoria has been volunteering for over a month in a program supporting Mental Health in rural areas of Sri Lanka where there is little support available and mental health remains heavily stigmatised. She has graduated from the University of Westminster in 2019 with a Psychology degree and has initially started working in Special Educational Needs schools specialized in autism. She joined the NHS during 2020 in the midst of the Covid pandemic as a Crisis support worker in mental health, before being offered a permanent position in the National Eating Disorder impatient service, and later to the CAMHS impatient services.