Since qualifying at Raja Yoga Academy 500 hr TT in 2017, Polly has taught yoga in California,
Thailand and New Zealand and now here in the UK.

Her training is in Hot Yoga and follows the B.C. Ghosh lineage - a methodology which is rooted in
healing, and focuses on developing strength, health and functionality in the body and stillness in
the mind.

As a versatile instructor, Polly teaches yoga for all levels in a range of styles, from restorative to
dynamic. Polly teaches with an open heart and the intention for her students to find their own
natural power, strength and bliss through asana and meditation practice, to build self compassion
and confidence.

At present she mainly teaches Disco Yoga - a blissful blend of yoga and dance to uplifting music -
hot vinyasa at Hotpod Cambridge, and therapeutic hatha and meditation for people in recovery.