Nuz joins us to deliver our financial wellbeing session. Her background lends itself to working both as a Wellbeing and Inclusion Consultant working to raise awareness around financial wellbeing strategies that are practical and inclusive as part of an overall wellbeing strategy.

Nuz was the former head of health and wellbeing at IKEA UK/IRL before embarking on her journey to support organisations with their wellbeing strategies. She has most recently joined Lyfe as their Wellbeing Community Lead and Partnerships Manager.

She sits on the leadership team for the initiative #Letimproveworkplacewellbeing, was co-founder of the Workplace Wellbeing Alliance, is an Advisory Board member for Salary Finance, is on the Advisory Board for the Global Workplace Wellness Summit based in Canada and is a Contributory Member to the Global Wellness Institute based in the US.

Some fun facts about Nuz:

She loves to cook for people from the Covid nurses on her local hospital to her friends and family – Nuz’s biryani or Sunday lamb roast make many a happy guest. Small unknown fact – Nuz was a calligrapher in her former life. University Degrees and Wedding invites were the way to earn that extra income. Most famous person she has met – Nelson Mandela, only because his bodyguard pushed her aside and Madiba himself reached out a hand to prevent her from falling. Nuz knows a list of random languages, Swedish, Marathi, Hindi (basic) and a mixture of a few African languages (very basic)