Classically trained in both violin and piano, coupled with discovering a love of Hardcore aged 10, Liv has developed a palette for global eclectic sounds and an ability to seamlessly mix multi genre sets; funky and soulful, exciting and recognizable, Liv's sound is fun and uplifting as well as being interesting and edgy. She can blend heavy duty bass, roots and underground flavours into recognisable 'pop' and emerging new sounds ; thus proving her creative trademark. She is a professional presenter, curator and performer who works closely with audio and sound production services. 

This diversity has taken her onto key stages at festivals such as Wilderness, Boomtown, Valley Festival, Nos Stock, Camp Wildfire and PRIDE. It has also given her regular appearances at iconic venues like Ministry of Sound, Egg and The Steelyard.  She also works within the movie Premiere arena ; for example pre covid curating the ' Birds of Prey ' launch, being both a face and sound of the movie in London. 

As well as collaborating with pioneering wellness movements and mighty brands like Morning Gloryville,  her charity work and gigs for causes she believes in take a huge forefront in her life.

She is a regular choice for female identifying and empowering event companies such as Mint Events, Killing Kittens, Unleashed and The Allbright; independently carving a position as a stella favourite for various fashion brands, celebrity events and corporate parties …  Her 'edge' can reach far and wide...

The passion for music and sound led her into both sports events and radio; curating, programming and performing for The London Landmarks Marathon, The Sambo World Championship in the UK,  Wembley Stadium and Manchester Arena. She is also the host and presenter for Glifting Girls Competitions. 

Radio wise , she recently featured on BBC Introducing with a full guest mix of her own production and has previously featured on KISS FM as one to watch. She is a regular guest presenter on Bristol Radio BCFM / Ujima and also throws down an underground lunchtime show on UK Bass Radio on Tuesdays ! 

Her latest track is coming out on Spotify ! And is called ‘ I’ve Chosen ‘