We aim to take creative therapies to a whole new level by merging Mental Health support, advice and awareness with the benefits, skills and joys of baking! Sharing everything from recipes and tutorials to Mental Health chats. Bake Well Being encourages individuals to introduce regular ‘tea & talks’ using our personal strategy and action plan guides while enjoy your handmade bakes to better your mental well-being. This way you will make psychological achievements as well as physical (and yummy) ones!

Baking for our well-being provides us with the additional element of a practical skill which enhances a sense of achievement, self-esteem and reward, as you’re able to create something from scratch, which you can then enjoy yourself or share with loved ones. We believe talking, baking and eating cake will help us to achieve the five Bake Well Being aims:

To raise awareness for Mental Health.
To remove the intimidation of conventional therapy.
To encourage individuals to care for their Mental Health as they do for their physical health.
To build a community during times of growing demands, pressures, expectations and disconnect.
To break down barriers of stigma and ensure that individuals feel empowered, supported and confident in making positive steps towards a better mental well-being!