For over two decades, Ari Peralta has dedicated his career to bringing science and research to the forefront of brand experiences, design and innovation. 

Ari started at Nielsen Media Research helping launch new platforms for the anytime/anywhere consumer. Then, he went on to collaborate with many world renown scientists on breakthrough projects including developing world’s first pea protein snacks, scent changing fragrance, time-released skincare and sensory-fitness solutions for the blind. Ari has started and successfully sold business ecosystems in sports nutrition, medical aesthetics and medical applications market. 

Most recently Ari took his experience and vast network of contacts to develop Arigami, a tech playground dedicated to conscious and transformative technologies, validation and cross-modal research. Ari has worked with several top fortune companies including Marriott International, Nissan and the United Nations. And is recognised as a top sensory designer in over 5 sectors including automotive, retail, education, healthcare and hospitality design. 

Ari serves on multiple boards including SciArt Exchange (NASA) and Taino X (Dominican Anthropological Genetics Foundation) empower youth and people of all ages with interdisciplinary skills.