About Getahead Festival


On Weds 13th June 2018, Getahead Festival will help those dealing with stress, overwhelm or existing mental health issues get more balance & achieve their goals. ​ While treating the issue seriously, we aim to make it fun & accessible.

A positive focus, helping to redefine what ‘success’ means.
A celebration of life, while acknowledging the potential pitfalls.

Enjoy a pre-work rave, talks, panel discussions, comedy, live music and an all-night disco dance, 6am–6am.

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Festival Speaker


Our mission is to help a billion people positively impact their lives in the next 25 years.

We’ll do this by forging partnerships in other cities – using the 24 hour format as a template – and sharing openly.

Omeara London


Join us by day and night from 6am 13th June 2018 to 6am 14th. We will be in the amazing multi-space Omeara near London Bridge.

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